Glendale Community Social Services Center

Health Care

If you have an emergency, please get off the Internet, and call 911.

It is a proven fact that our bodies do not react favorably to stress. Even with Glendale Community Social Services Center helping you with your immigration or naturalization, you can still be exhausted and worn-out. That can make your body sick. New schools, a new home, a new language can also be very stressfull for children.

“Chronic stress has been shown to prolong wound healing, decrease response to vaccines, and increase the frequency and severity of upper respiratory infections.

Stress also can aggravate existing health problems. It can worsen angina, disturb heart rhythm, raise blood pressure, and lead to stroke. It can spark asthma and may affect the digestive system, making ulcers, acid reflux, or irritable bowel problems worse. Stress can play havoc with your nerves and muscles, causing backaches, tension headaches, or migraines.”
~ National Institute of Health

Glendale Community Social Services Center can help you find low cost or free health care for you and your children. We're here to help. Make an appointment soon!