Glendale Community Social Services Center

Housing Resources

Housing can be a big problem for those who are immigrating to this country. Perhaps are staying with family, but space and privacy are a real issue. Perhaps you own a home, but current payments are difficult to manage, you are facing forclosure, and you are trying to get your citizenship.

  • Staying at a hotel or motel is not the answer - it gets expensive quickly.
  • Staying with a relative is hard on the family, you and your family would take up space and resources.
  • Living in your car is dangerous.

If you are new to the country, you may not know how to even find a place to live. Glendale Community Social Services Center can help you with that.

  • Learn Internet resources for finding housing.
  • Learn how to fill out applications.
  • Learn about credit history and how it can affect your search for housing.
  • Learn about your housing rights.

Glendale Community Social Services Center can help you find housing resources, and could even help you stay in your home. Make an appointment to discuss and possibly solve your situation.