Glendale Community Social Services Center


It is GCSSC's mission is to provide low cost immigration and naturalization services.

Immigration and Naturalization

  • GCSSC currently provides senior outreach and support services, case management, and a wide range of programs and services for seniors.
  • GCSSC will provide ESL (English as a Second Language) classes to facilitate these goals.

Free Phone!

  • GCSSC may be able to provide you with a free smart phone! Call us at (818) 242-8196 for more information.

Health Care Referral

  • GCSSC will provide referrals to low cost or free health care services.

Insurance Referral

  • GCSSC will provide assistance with insurance forms and referrals to low cost or free insurance services.


  • GCSSC will provide referrals to low cost housing, transitional and emergency housing.
  • GCSSC will provide assistance in finding housing, filling out applications, and will make clients aware of their housing rights.


  • GCSSC will provide computer services to assist clients in finding gainful employment, and will provide employment referrals as well as letters of recommendation where warranted.
  • GCSSC will help clients use the Internet to find jobs, help them with their resumes, and fill out employment applications on the Internet.

Domestic Violence

  • GCSSC will provide resources for victims of domestic violence, help fill out Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) forms and offer referral to domestic violence services that may be able to provide emergency shelter for victims and their children.